Germeister provides your business or home with EPA and FDA approved disinfectant, and a EPA registered active ingredient protectant that is stabilized with proprietary ingredients to create a high performance bond to any surface.


Our team will help to identify areas that are considered to be high touch contact points or areas of concern with employees and customers.  We will work with you to determine frequency for our disinfecting services.  We will monitor and report using ATP surface testing to assist you in your health and sanitation program.


After disinfecting, Germeister will then apply our SD Pro formulation to continuously neutralize or significantly reduce the levels of ATP and damaging microorganisms on treated services for up to 12 months with a single application.  As with disinfecting, we will preform ATP surface monitoring to ensure our product is consistently preforming and meeting the cleanliness for your home and business.  

Industries We Service


High traffic areas such as: kitchen, bathrooms, playrooms, office, etc..

Gym & Fitness

Exercise equipment, locker rooms, mats, water fountains, etc.


Buses, classrooms, cafeteria, restrooms, office, etc.

Bar/Restaurants & Food Prep

Bar, Kitchen (including food prep), restrooms, Walk-in food coolers, etc


Lobby, rooms, bathrooms, transportation buses, pool or concierge areas, etc.

Hospitals & Clinics

Waiting rooms, patient rooms, operating rooms, ICU, NICU, emergency room, etc.

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